Tips For Composting Using Compost Tumblers

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People find it hard to choose a right container for storing their waste. They find it difficult to turn or rotate the container. You can make use of compost tumblers for collecting the degradable waste and allow to for decomposing. You would be surprised to collect the earth compost after two weeks from the compost tumblers. Compost tumblers are simple containers that help in disposing of the waste and have certain features that make it easy for rotating the waste inside the container. yimby tumbler composter would serve your purpose. Check it out to understand that gardening has many health benefits also.
There are various things that you should consider when making use of compost tumbler for producing the required compost for your plants. The article below would help to make the best use of a compost tumbler for producing rich earth compost for your soil.

Activate The Compost
You make use of the compost tumblers to collect the biodegradable waste from your kitchen and other sources. It is not possible for the living decomposers to be present in the first batch of your compost tumbler. Thus, you can give a boost to the waste by adding up activators to the compost bin. This helps in speeding up the process of decomposition of the waste collected in the compost tumbler. Healthy soil, horse manure can also be used as activators. You can also purchase compost activators available in shops. You may continue this process for only two batches of the compost. Remember not to clean the compost tumbler between batches. The bits left behind in the tumbler would be sufficient for decomposing the rest of the batches.

Maintain A Perfect Mix Of The Compost
It is important that the compost should be offered with the right amount of carbon-nitrogen ratio. Check for nitrogen-rich green and brown material in your compost bin. It is important that you follow the right mix for your compost.

Speed Up Composting
It is possible to speed the decomposition process by following certain tips. When you dispose of the kitchen waste and other degradable waste into your compost tumblers, see that you shred them and chop them. Making the waste smaller can help in speeding up the process of decomposition. Chopping the degradable waste helps in increasing the surface area for the bacteria to react. You should make use of the right tools for shredding the waste. The food processor does the work of shredding the kitchen waste easily. Just a single pulse can help you to come up with a perfect compost mix using compost tumblers. You can also make use of a knife to chop certain kitchen waste. Paper shredder can be used to shred paper waste.

Decompose In Batches
Compost tumblers are mainly used for producing rich compost in batches. It is a small container so just fill it with the waste and allow it to decompose. Leave it undisturbed for two weeks, and you can see your waste has decomposed into rich compost. Keep on adding the waste until the tumbler is filled. Decomposing using compost tumblers is similar to baking cookies using an oven.
Thus, the above tips would be useful for people who wish to make their compost using a compost tumbler from the waste collected from their house.

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