Protecting Your Wooden Furniture With Wax Coating

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Wooden Furniture With Wax Coating

People prefer wooden furniture as it is durable and offers an aesthetic look to your home. Proper maintenance of wooden furniture is essential so that the lifetime of your furniture increases. The use of a wax coating on your wooden furniture is a traditional method which is practiced even today. The Furniture Connoisseur assists and helps in protecting your furniture with wax coatings. You can get to know about various innovative ideas to safeguard your wooden furniture on the site

Though there are various modern methods to protect your wooden furniture, offering a wax coating would be efficient than other methods. The article below discusses the role of wax in protecting your furniture. It also lists the benefits of using wax for maintaining your furniture. You may also be aware of the problems encountered due to the use of the wax coating.

Benefits Of Using Wax
Wax coating plays a significant role in protecting your wooden furniture like table, chair, shelves etc. The wax coating serves as a shield and does not allow airborne dust particles to settle on the furniture. The wax coating is simple and easy to apply on your furniture. Waxes are non-toxic and safe for your health. So you need not worry about any potential health risks when dealing with wax. Wax makes your wooden table water resistant so that you can just wipe out the water that was unknowingly spilt. You can remove the wax quickly with the help of a solvent.

Different Types Of Wax
There are various types of wax used for protecting your wooden furniture in your house. You need to choose the one which satisfies your need and serves your purpose. Micro-crystalline wax is used for antique collections made up of wood. It helps to avoid discoloration due to age. Clear waxes are used mostly for painted furniture. You can make use of wax as it offers shine and glow to your wooden furniture. Beeswax is soft and sticky and mostly used for wooden floors so that the surface is not too slippery.

There are certain disadvantages of using the wax coating for your wooden furniture. You need to reapply wax coating regularly for better results and thus increase the lifetime of your furniture. It is recommended to apply wax coating for every six months which is practically not possible. Continuous exposure to heat can results in the formation of white rings on your wax coated furniture. Your furniture may look dull due to the wax build up.

There are various things you need to consider when you apply a wax coating on your wooden furniture. Specific types of wax contain solvents that are highly flammable. Thus due to oxidation, there are chances for the wax soaked cloth to catch up fire. So you need to be careful while using the rags that are used to apply wax on furniture. See that you dry the rags on an inflammable surface and store them in metal containers so that you can avoid fire accidents.
The article above helps people to make use of wax to protect their wooden furniture and increase its lifetime.

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